AutoSplit64 0.2.0 released!

Version 0.2.0 Highlights


Automatically check for, download, and install updates all within AutoSplit64! This one-click method will allow you to easily remain up-to-date with all the latest features while retaining your settings and routes!

X-Cam Split

Split on specified X-Cam! This allows for splitting in many new areas, such as Upstairs Door touch for 120 star! This split type is also recommended for SBLJ over the regular Mips split.

Death Detection

Detects deaths and accounts for the extra fadeouts to avoid false splits! This is currently for Bowser No Reds in the stage where a death will cause an extra two fadeouts. This does not apply to Bowser fights however, and a death here will still trigger a false split.

Upstairs Segment RTAs

Start timer on Upstairs Door touch! This can be set per route via the Route Editor. The timer will reset as usual when the starting logo is detected. The recommend use is to Soft Reset per attempt.

Operation Mode

A new setting named ‘Operation Mode’ has been added! This allows you to switch how AutoSplit64 recognizes the current star count. Their are now two methods of operation:

  1. High Probability:
    1. The original, and default, method of star detection. This requires the splitter to predict the next star twice in a row, once with a high probability, and a second confirmation prediction of a lower probaility.
  2. X-Cam Confirmation
    1. A new method of star detection. This requires the splitter to predict the next star only once with an extremely low probability, it must then immediately detect the game is in X-Cam for the star count to be incremented. This method has the potential to be a lot more reliable and consistent, especially for players with poor captures or those running on Emulator.


Backwards Compatibility

There have been many large changes made, if you encounter any new errors feel free to let me know in the discord! Due to these changes, existing versions (0.1.x) cannot be patched. You must download and reconfigure the splitter (don’t forget your reset templates!). However with the addition of auto-updates, this incompatibility is unlikely to reoccur. I have however added backwards compatibility for routes from 0.1.x, however this will be removed in subsequent updates.


Windows 7 & 10 Versions

The Windows 7 and 10 versions have been merged, the one version should now work for everyone!


The source code has been moved to my personal github as it’s easier for me to manage with my other projects. Find it here!

Full Changelog


  • Updated colour theme! Darker greys with the blue tones removed.
  • ‘About’ screen: Replaced with new splash screen dialog
  • Output Dialog: Added ‘Output’ dialog. Accessed from the context menu, this will show detailed information about the splitters current state while running. This information is incredibly useful for debugging issues. 
  • Always On Top: Added the ability (by default) for AutoSplit64 to remain on top of all other windows. This setting can be accessed via the context menu or in settings under general.
  • Refresh Button: The star icon will now re-initialize the splitter. If for any reason the splitter is out of sync, press this button to let it refresh.

Split Types

  • X-Cam Split: Split when a specified X-Cam symbol is detected. The fadeout and fadein count must still be specified, the X-Cam count is reset on every split, star grab, fadeout and fadein. For example upstairs door touch in 120 will be fadeout 3, X-Cam 1.
  • Fade Only: Ignores star count and will split after the specified number of fadeouts and fadein
  • Mips: Improved the split accuracy of the legacy ‘Mips’ split type. 
  • Mips-X: Added Mips-X Split. Functions similar to the legacy Mips split, however after finding the DDD Portal, will split on the next X-Cam. 
  • Up RTA: Set per route via the route editor, this will reset the timer on console reset, but will not start until the first X-Cam (upstairs door) found in Lobby. Recommended use for attempts is with soft reset.


  • Automatic Undo’s: Undo’s on console reset have changed from needing to occur on the same fadeout as the split to needing to occur within a specified time frame of the split being triggered. The default is 4.5 seconds and can be edited via the ‘Undo Threshold’ setting (Settings -> Thresholds)
  • Death Detection: Initial form of detection added. This is only for Bowser No Red splits. If you die during the bowser fight on a No Reds split, this will still trigger a fake split, or if you split on pipe entry, a death will still trigger a false split. Deaths in other stages are unlikely to cause fake splits as stars need to be collected before the split occurs.
  • X-Cam Confirmation Mode: Added a new method of confirming star collections! The setting is found under Settings -> General -> Operation Mode. When in this mode, the star count requires a much lower probability, provided an X-Cam is detected at the same time. The previous (and default) Probability mode, requires two consecutive predictions, one of a very high probability.

Error Correction

  • Star Skip: Allows AS64 to jump a specified number of stars provided multiple consecutive predictions of a high probability are met. For example, if AS64 doesn’t recognize you collected star 94, then you collect star 95 before it updates, previously AS64 would now be stuck out of sync. With Star Skip enabled, AS64 will now be able to jump to the correct star count.


  • Auto-Updating: Added the ability to update automatically! The splitter will check for updates on launch, and a dialog will appear if an update is found. A manual search for updates can also be initiated via the ‘Check for updates’ option in the context menu
  • Editing routes or settings while AS64 is running will now automatically trigger re-initialization upon applying changes instead of stopping AS64.
  • When applying new coordinates, if a non 4:3 aspect ratio or coordinates that are below the recommended minimum are detected, a warning will appear that must be accepted before changes can be applied
  • The Mid Run Start option has been enabled by default
  • AS64 now records the size of the capture window when coordinates were applied. If this size changes without new coordinate being applied, AS64 will not start and will instead throw an error message.
  • Windows 7 & 10 versions have been merged into a single version

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when moving the main window
  • Fixed a crash when converting some LiveSplit files
  • Applying new coordinates now correctly triggers an AS64 stop/re-initialization


  • Renamed as64_core package to as64core
  • Renamed as64_ui package to as64gui
  • Merged as64_common into as64core package
  • Created as64processes package
  • Created as64updater package
  • Moved as64_core/processes module into multiple modules under the as64processes package
  • Moved reset templates from /resources/images to /temapltes
  • Refactored /resources folder to be more logical
  • Moved all transition logic from hard code to .processor files in the /logic directory
  • Refactored route editor to make accepting new split types easier
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