AutoSplit64 0.2.1 Released!

Version 0.2.1 Highlights

Improved Split Accuracy

Provided AutoSplit64 is configured correctly standard splits should now be frame perfect. The final bowser split should be either frame perfect or +1 frames. This may vary depending on your computer.


The timer now starts at 1.36 seconds. This helps increase split accuracy and also helps the mods at Speedrun retime submitted runs.

File Select Timing

Start the timer from file select for category extensions! This is set per route in the route editor. When timing in this mode, set your LiveSplit file to start at 2 seconds.


Program capture issues on certain machines

I’ve encountered two issues now where a user has been unable to capture the specified window. I believe this is due to some form of Hardware Acceleration but have been unable to pinpoint an exact cause. I plan to add a new method of capture to resolve this issue in a future update.

Full Changelog


  • Output Dialog: Updated the output dialog to use PyQt QThreads and Signals to read data from as64core. This will hopefully increase thread safety and eliminate the issues some users have had with this window crashing.
  • Settings Dialog: Removed Restart Split Delay from advanced settings as it’s functionality has been removed.

Split Types

  • File Select: Set per route via the route editor, this will reset the timer on console reset, but will not start until a file has been selected. Timer begins 2 seconds after file select.


  • Timer on Reset: All delays have now been removed from the timer starting after reset. Timing now begins at 1.36 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Font: Fixed a bug introduced in 0.2.0 where the GUI’s font was not being loaded and it was instead reverting to system default. 
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