AutoSplit64 0.2.4 Released!

Version 0.2.4 Highlights

Hot-fix: Fixed Always On Top not being loaded from settings

Fixed a bug where users Always On Top preference was ignored, despite the GUI showing their choice

Hot-fix: Fixed route being loaded after game version

Fixed an issue where the users route was loaded after the version was set, forcing AS64 to default to ‘JP’


The Future

Barring any major bugs being discovered, this is the last planned update to the pre-release of AutoSplit64. From here work is being done on the first official version, version 1.0. It features a new interface, programmed from the ground up with a large focus on stability, new features, and many internal changes to the core structure. Now is the best time to have features added into the release, so if you have anything you would like to see, head over to the AutoSplit64 discord and let me know!


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