What platforms are supported?

Console is the only officially supported platform. Emulator should also work, however is not officially supported. Virtual Console is not supported.


The star count won't update

This is most likely due to incorrect capture coordinates. Right-Click -> Edit Coordinates to double check they’re correct. If you are capturing OBS, make sure you haven’t cropped any visible portions of the game.


My x-cam splits don't work

You may need to configure your X-Cam settings. Please refer to the getting started video for more information. If you have still have issues let me know in the Discord server!

Why won't my timer start?

You may have incorrect capture coordinates and/or you might need new reset templates! Ensure you double check your coordinates and generate new templates.

Cannot connect to LiveSplit

After making sure you have installed the LiveSplit Server component, you must start the server each time you launch LiveSplit. This can be done in LiveSplit via Right-Click -> Control -> Start Server

Where can I report bugs?

The best place to report bugs is via AutoSplit64’s Discord server in the #bug-report channel!




Unfortunately due to the Hardware Acceleration that StreamLabs OBS uses, it is unable to be captured. I recommend OBS Studio with the Stream Elements Plugin for chat + stream functionality.

How do I Split on upstairs door touch?

To split on Upstairs Door Touch for 120 Star, change the split to be of type X-Cam. Set the correct star count (74), select Fade-out 3, Fadein-in 0, and X-Cam 1. 


How do I create an SBLJ Split?

While you can use the regular Mips or Mips-X Splits, I recommend using the X-Cam split type. Set your split to Fade-Out 3, Fade-In 0, and X-Cam 1.

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